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Second Workshop On The Satisfiability Problem

May 10 - 14, 1998

Eringerfeld, Germany

The opening session begins on May 11th at 9 a.m. and the closing session ends on May 14th at 1 p.m.
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Contact Address

Mrs. T. Prior
Workshop SAT'98
Universität-GH Paderborn
Fachbereich 17 Informatik
Warburger Str. 100
D-33098 Paderborn

sat at


A Technical Report on the workshop will be distributed at Paderborn. All participants are expected to send extended abstracts or full papers of no more than 10 pages to Mrs. T. Prior at the contact address above before

April 10, 1998

Electronic version in dvi or postscript form are preferred and should be sent to sat at


A number of rooms in the conference center Schloß Eringerfeld have been reserved for the time of the workshop.

Prices (May 10 - 14):
Single room per person per night DM 149,80
Double room per person per night DM 141,80
Vegetarian food + DM 12,--

The prices include breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee break, and sports facilities like sauna and swimming pool. Bowling and tennis are charged separately.

NO conference fees have to be paid!

Additional overnight stays:
Single room per person per night DM 78,50
Double room per person per night DM 70,50
Breakfast DM 14,80
Lunch DM 32,00
Dinner DM 24,50

Current exchange rate: $1 US is approximately 1.80 DM.

Reservations should be made by completing the following form. You can also download a Microsoft Word version and a postscript version of this form from and send it by fax or surface mail to:

Universität Paderborn
Tanja Prior
FB 17 - Informatik

Fax: +49 (5251) 60 33 38
Tel.: +49 (5251) 60 - 3353 or 3361
E-mail: sat at

Room reservations should be made before

February 16, 1998

In case you can't attend the workshop for certain reasons, please send a short email to sat at before

April 3, 1998

Otherwise the entire costs will be charged.

Address of Conference Center

Schloß Eringerfeld
Steinhauser Straße 8
D-59590 Geseke-Eringerfeld

tel:+49-2954-900 / fax:+49-2954-90169

See some pictures of the conference center!

Travel Information

Getting to Eringerfeld

Closest airports are Paderborn, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Closest railway stations are Geseke (regional) and Paderborn. From Paderborn Airport or Geseke railway station take a taxi to Schloß Eringerfeld (Price: approx. 15.00 DM).

An extract from the railway schedule can be found on this page, for details or specific connections look here.

If you want to make use of a shuttle service from Paderborn railway station / Paderborn airport / Geseke railway station to Schloß Eringerfeld, we need date / time / place of your arrival!

Participants SAT Workshop Paderborn 1998

Name Affilation email-address
Boros, Endre USA, New Brunswick
Benoist, Emmanuel France, Caen
Creignou, Nadia France, Caen
Davydova, Inna Russia, St. Petersburg
Davydov, Gennady Russia, St. Petersburg
Ding, Decheng China, Nanjing
Eiter, Thomas Germany, Gießen
Franco, John USA, Cincinnati
Fu, Xudong Germany, Saarbrücken
Goerdt, Andreas Germany, Chemnitz-Zwickau
Gu, Jun Hong Kong,
Ibaraki, Toshihide Japan, Kyoto
Kleine Büning, Hans Germany, Paderborn
de Klerk, Etienne The Netherlands, Delft
Kullmann, Oliver Germany, Frankfurt
Lettmann, Theodor Germany, Paderborn
Li, Wei China, Beijing
van Maaren, Hans The Netherlands, Delft
Makino, Kazuhisa Japan, Osaka
Mitchell, David Canada, Toronto
Purdom, Paul W. USA, Bloomington Indiana
Pretolani, Daniele Italy, Pisa
Prokhorov, Alexei Germany, Paderborn
Schiermeyer, Ingo Germany, Cottbus
Schlipf, John USA, Chincinnati John.Schlipf@UC.Edu
Slany, Wolfgang Austria, Wien
Speckenmeyer, Ewald Germany, Köln
Truemper, Klaus USA, Dallas
Van Gelder, Allen USA, Santa Cruz
Unruh, Peter Germany, Paderborn
Urquhart, Alasdair Canada, Ontario
Warners, Joost The Netherlands, Delft,


A detailed schedule containing title of the talks and the speakers can be found here.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
_ 09:30 Session 1 09:00 Session 5 09:00 Session 9 09:00 Session 12
_ 10:50 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break
_ 11:10 Session 2 10:50 Session 6 10:50 Session 10 10:50 Session 13
_ 12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch
_ 14:30 Session 3 14:30 Session 7 14:00 Session 11 _
_ 15:50 Coffee Break 15:50 Coffee Break 15:30 Social Event _
_ 16:10 Session 4 16:10 Session 8 _ _
18:00 Welcome _ _ _ _
20:00 Dinner 19:00 Dinner 19:00 Dinner 20:00 Conf. Dinner _


John Franco, Cincinnati, USA
Giorgio Gallo, Pisa, Italy
Hans Kleine Büning, Paderborn, Germany
Ewald Speckenmeyer, Köln, Germany