Vol 7 (2009)

Covers 2009-2011

Table of Contents


Horn Upper Bounds and Renaming PDF
Marina Langlois, Robert H. Sloan, Gyorgy Turan 1-15
Resolution on Quantified Generalized Clause-sets PDF
Jiwei Jin, Xishun Zhao 17-34
Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams, Pigeonhole Formulas and Beyond PDF
Olga Tveretina, Carsten Sinz, Hans Zantema 35-58
The Impact of Max-SAT Resolution-Based Preprocessors on Local Search Solvers PDF
Federico Heras, David Baneres 89-126
Generating and Searching Families of FFT Algorithms PDF
Steve Haynal, Heidi Haynal 145-187

System Descriptions

The Sat4j library, release 2.2 PDF
Daniel Le Berre, Anne Parrain 59-64
Luca Pulina, Armando Tacchella 65-70
DepQBF: A Dependency-Aware QBF Solver PDF
Florian Lonsing, Armin Biere 71-76
Experiment design and administration for computer clusters for SAT-solvers (EDACC) PDF
Adrian Balint, Daniel Gall, Gregor Kapler, Robert Retz 77-82
Enrico Giunchiglia, Paolo Marin, Massimo Narizzano 83-88
Deterministic Parallel DPLL PDF
Youssef Hamadi, Said Jabbour, Cedric Piette, Lakhdar Sais 127-132
Reusing the Assignment Trail in CDCL Solvers PDF
Peter van der Tak, Antonio Ramos, Marijn Heule 133-138
Controlling a Solver Execution with the runsolver Tool system description PDF
Olivier Roussel 139-144


Successful SAT Encoding Techniques PDF
Magnus Bjork 189-201