Vol 2 (2006)

Special Volume on the SAT 2005 Competitions and Evaluations

Table of Contents


Preface to the Special Volume on the SAT 2005 Competitions and Evaluations PDF
Daniel Le Berre, Laurent Simon
Translating Pseudo-Boolean Constraints into SAT PDF
Niklas Een, Niklas Sorensson 1-26
Hard Satisfiable Clause Sets for Benchmarking Equivalence Reasoning Techniques PDF
Harri Haanpaa, Matti Jarvisalo, Petteri Kaski, Ilkka Niemela 27-46
March dl: Adding Adaptive Heuristics and a New Branching Strategy PDF
Marijn J.H. Heule, Hans van Maaren 47-59
The SAT 2005 Solver Competition on Random Instances PDF
Oliver Kullmann 61-102
The First Evaluation of Pseudo-Boolean Solvers (PB’05) PDF
Vasco M. Manquinho, Olivier Roussel 103-143
Report of the Third QBF Solvers Evaluation PDF
Massimo Narizzano, Luca Pulina, Armando Tacchella 145-164
Pueblo: A Hybrid Pseudo-Boolean SAT Solver PDF
Hossein M. Sheini, Karem A. Sakallah 165-189

Research Notes

A Translation of Pseudo-Boolean Constraints to SAT PDF
Olivier Bailleux, Yacine Boufkhad, Olivier Roussel 191-200
Decomposing SAT Problems into Connected Components PDF
Armin Biere, Carsten Sinz 201-208
On Using Cutting Planes in Pseudo-Boolean Optimization PDF
Vasco M. Manquinho, Joao Marques-Silva 209-219
Locality and Hard SAT-Instances PDF
Klas Markstroem 221-227
Back to the SAT05 Competition: an a Posteriori Analysis of Solver Performance on Industrial Benchmarks PDF
Emmanuel Zarpas 229-237