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'Red Dead Redemption 2' will be a Google Stadia launch title

by Erick Colley (2019-11-23)

-text c-gray-1" >When Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PCs in November, it won't just be available in conventional form. Rockstar has also confirmed that its open-world Western game will be available as a launch title for Google Stadia when it debuts the same month. In other words, you'll have the chance to play Arthur Morgan's saga (or Red Dead Online) on your tablet if you prefer.

It's a significant step for Rockstar -- it's a brand new PC version of a marquee title available through a streaming service. It's also likely the closest you'll get to having a mobile version of Rockstar's modern games, at least for a while. RDR2 simply demands too much processing power and storage from current mobile devices to run natively -- it might be worth dealing with a slight amount of lag to get the full experience on the go.

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