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University of Cincinnati
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Hans Kleine Büning
Universität-Gesamthochschule Paderborn
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Giorgio Gallo
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Workshop On The Satisfiability Problem

April 29 - May 3, 1996

Siena, Italy

The opening session begins on April 29th at 9 a.m. and the closing session ends on May 3rd at 1 p.m.

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Contact Address

Mrs. Neugebauer
Universität zu Köln
Institut für Informatik
Pohligstr. 1
D-50969 Köln



Selected papers from the talks to be presented at the workshop will be published in a special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics (J. Franco, G. Gallo, H. Kleine Büning, E. Speckenmeyer, eds.) after a refereeing process following the high standards of the journal.

Postscript files, dvi files or hard copy will be accepted for contribution with the first two preferred.

Electronic versions should be emailed to sat-workshop@informatik.uni-koeln.de . Hard copy versions should be sent to Mrs. Neugebauer at the contact address above. Submissions to the special issue should be ready before

April 17, 1996

In order to speed up the refereeing process submission of your paper as early as possible is highly recommended!


A Technical Report on the workshop will be distributed at Siena. All participants are expected to send extended abstracts or full papers of no more than 10 pages to E. Speckenmeyer at the contact address above before

March 25, 1996

Electronic version in dvi or postscript form are preferred and should be sent to sat-workshop@informatik.uni-koeln.de.


All the rooms in the conference center Certosa have been reserved for the time of the workshop:

There are two conference rooms with projectors.

20 single, 11 double rooms, and 4 double rooms with one queen bed.

Price list (Italian lire, Lit) in 1995:

h.a. acc.
single 84.000 75.000 70.000
double 138.000 120.000 110.000

Prices may increase by 5%, where

full accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
half accommodation includes breakfast, lunch or dinner
accommodation includes breakfast, only

Current exchange rate: $1 US is approximately 1600 Lit., 1 DM is approximately 1114 Lit.

Reservations should be made via spera@sivax.unisi.it , until March 1, 1996.

In case you can't attend the workshop for certain reasons, please send a short email to sat-workshop@informatik.uni-koeln.de .

Address of Conference Center

Certosa di Pontignano
Universita' degli Studi di Siena
53010 Pontignano, Siena

tel:+39-577-356851 / fax:+39-577-356669

Travel Information

We intend to organize a bus transfer from the Siena train station to the Certosa. In order to arrange the transport, please let us know, whether you plan to use the bus, and when you will arrive and leave. If desired we will help you to find out the best connection from your city of arrival in Italy to Siena.

Getting to Siena

Closest airports are Pisa and Firenze

From Pisa

Take the train from the airport to Empoli then change to get the connecting train to Siena (approximate time 1 h:45 min - including the waiting time in Empoli).

From Firenze

Take a bus or taxi from the airport to Firenze train station "Santa Maria Novella" and get a train to Siena there (the train takes 1 h:35 min).

Train: Firenze - Siena (extract)

Depart Firenze 9.20 h 11.20 h 14.13 h 16.05 h
Arrival Empoli 9.55 h 11.55 h 14.42 h 16.31 h
Depart Empoli 9.58 h 11.59 h 14.43 h 16.36 h
Arrival Siena 10.50 h 13.05 h 15.33 h 17.32 h

Alternatively: Go from the airport to the bus station "Sita", which is located near the train station and from there take a bus "Rapida" to Siena San Domenico, which takes 1 h:15 min. (The second connection is recommanded).

From Milano

Take an InterCity train to Firenze and the connection to Siena (InterCity train requires extra charge).

Train: Milano - Siena (extract)

Depart Milano 8.00 h 10.00 h 14.00 h 15.00 h
Arrival Firenze 10.51 h 12.51 h 16.51 h 17.51 h
Depart Firenze 11.20 h 13.25 h 17.10 h 18.20 h
Arrival Siena 13.05 h 15.05 h 18.33 h 19.55 h

There are also trains at 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. You can also take a bus.

From Rome

Take a train to Chiusi - Chianciano Terme and then the connection to Siena. The following contains an extract of the schedule:

Train: Rome - Siena (extract)

Depart Rom Termini 8.30 h 9.20 h 13.50 h 15.20 h 17.50 h
Arrival Chiusi-Chianc. Terme 10.11 h 10.34 h 15.21 h 16.43 h 19.13 h
Depart Chiusi-Chianc. Terme 10.40 h 10.40 h 15.26 h 16.50 h 19.18 h
Arrival Siena 11.50 h 11.50 h 16.45 h 18.08 h 20.30 h

From Siena to Pontignano

There is a regular Bus from Siena centre to Pontignano.

Bus: Siena centre - Pontignano

Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus
Depart Siena (piazza Gramsci) 06.50 h 08.00 h 09.00 h 13.10 h 13.45 h
Arrival Pontignano 07.10 h 08.20 h 09.20 h 13.30 h 14.05 h
Days (Mon-Fri) (Mon-Fri) (Wed) (Mon-Fri) (Mon-Fri)

Bus: Siena centre - Pontignano (cont)

Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus
Depart Siena (piazza Gramsci) 14.30 h 15.30 h 18.35 h 19.30 h 20.10 h
Arrival Pontignano 14.50 h 15.50 h 18.55 h 19.50 h 20.30 h
Days (Sun) (Mon-Fri) (Mon-Fri) (Sun) (Mon-Fri)

By car from Milano

Take the Autostrada A 1 to Firenze Certosa and then follow the signs to Siena.

By car from Rome

Take the Autostrada (north) to Firenze, leave the Autostrada in Valdichiana. Then follow the signs to Siena.

Participants, SAT Workshop Siena 1996

Name Affilation email-address
Boros, Endre USA, New Brunswick boros@rutcor.rutgers.edu
Dubois, Olivier France, Paris dubois@laforia.ibp.fr
Eiter, Thomas Austria, A-1040 Vienna eiter@dbai.tuwien.ac.at
Franco, John USA, Cincinnati/OH franco@gauss.ececs.uc.edu
Gallo, Giorgio Italy, Pisa gallo@di.unipi.it
Goerdt, Andreas Germany, Chemnitz-Zwickau goerdt@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Grandjean, Etienne France, Caen grandjean@univ-caen.fr
Gu, Jun Hongkong, Kowloon gu@cs.ust.hk
Hammer, Peter L. USA, Piscataway hammer@rutcor.rutgers.edu
Heusch, Peter Germany, Köln heusch@informatik.uni-koeln.de
Jaumard, Brigitte Canada, Montreal brigitt@crt.umontreal.ca
Kleine Büning, Hans Germany, Paderborn kbcsl@uni-paderborn.de
Lettmann, Theo Germany, Paderborn lettmann@uni-paderborn.de
van Maaren, H. The Netherlands, Delft H.vanMaaren@twi.tudelft.nl
Mitchell, David Canada, Toronto mitchell@cs.toronto.edu
Mundici, Daniele Italy, Milano mundici@imiucca.csi.unimi.it
Plaisted, David A. USA, Chapel Hill plaisted@cs.unc.edu
Pretolani, D. Italy, Pisa pretola@di.unipi.it
Purdom, Paul W. USA, Bloomington pwp@cs.indiana.edu
Sassano, Antonio Italy, Roma sassano@peano.dis.uniroma1.it
Schiermeyer, Ingo Germany, Cottbus schierme@math.tu-cottbus.de
Schlipf, John USA, Cincinnati schlipf@ececs.uc.edu
Selman, B. USA, Murray Hill selman@research.att.com
Speckenmeyer, Ewald Germany, Köln esp@informatik.uni-koeln.de
Spera, Cosimo Italy, Siena spera@sivax.unisi.it
Urquhart, Alasdair Canada, Ontario urquhart@cs.toronto.edu
Van Gelder, Allen USA, Santa Cruz avg@cse.ucsc.edu
Wang, Jinchang USA, Lenexa wang@griffon.mwsc.edu


John Franco, Cincinnati, USA
Giorgio Gallo, Pisa, Italy
Hans Kleine Büning, Paderborn, Germany
Ewald Speckenmeyer, Köln, Germany
Cosimo Spera, Siena, Italy